[OUTNUMBERED SISTER] a sister with all brothers…
who has learned to love & embrace that crazy, wonderful lifestyle!

Hey there!  My name is Elizabeth. My mom has all brothers and so does my dad. Almost all of my cousins are boys. I have the gift of having all brothers, too.  Now I haven’t always seen that as a gift.  In fact, there were tearful nights of prayer for a baby sister during those stretching years of angry journal entries written in Sharpie.  By God’s grace, we made it through those years & I now count them as 3 of the greatest gifts He has given me on this green earth.

If your siblings are most or all brothers, you’ve probably constantly heard these classics:
“I’m soooo sorry.”
“How do you survive?!”
“You must be the spoiled princess.”
“You must want a baby sister soooo bad.”

The heart behind this blog isn’t to create yet another space to complain or merely cope with brothers. The desire for this place is that we’d be able to encourage one another to totally throw ourselves into joyfully blessing the brothers God has placed in our life and using our influence & impact for encouragement. This website/community is intended for those girls with all brothers. Yet most all of it will be applicable to girls with any siblings. The overarching goal is to embrace the place that God has given you. Whether you’re an only child, have 7 older brothers, or have 1 baby sister, the goal is to tap into how God desires us to bless those people He’s placed around us.

Here’s to building up our brother bears!


[This start of this blog is dedicated to these three.
Andrew, Jackson, Luke – I can’t express how much I love you
& how very grateful I am to get to be called your sister.]